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The Flynn Company – A Leading Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm

The real estate industry in Philadelphia is one of the most vibrant in the country with lots of properties to rent, sell, and lease. The Flynn Company is one of the oldest and largest privately held real estate firms in Philadelphia. It offers its clients a wide range of services including property management and leasing services and moving working with this nyc mover. The depth of local market knowledge enables this company to provide unmatched superior service, a fact that has led it to establish long term relationships with its clients.

The Flynn Company was formed in 1980 under the able leadership of Kevin Flynn. Over the years, the company has continued to make significant investments in real estate within the region. According to the internal management, the company derives its competitiveness by offering what its competition cannot deliver. The wide range of skills within the company explains the level of service it gives and the remarkable achievements it has attained.

What the Flynn Company Does

There are lots of services this company offers to its clients amongst them:

Brokerage Services

The company provides landlord services and brokerage services on behalf of Philadelphia property owners. With expertise spanning all sectors including industrial, office, land, and retail, the company is able to provide occupier and tenant advisory services as well as lease advisory services for lease structuring, rent negotiation, and valuations.

The vast experience the company has had gives it unique market positioning and knowledge which it transfers to its brokerage clients to give them a competitive edge.

Leasing and Investment Services

The company controls a critical mass of management and leasing business within the region. Its dominance in selling investment real estate draws from the pool of local talent the company has hired and trained to become super sales people.

The company has so far represented almost every type of real estate investor in the sale and purchase of properties from international pension fund advisers to local investors.

Property Management Services

Through Superior Property Services, the Flynn Company supplies, directs, and controls the day-to-day operations of the various portfolio under its maintenance with the ultimate aim of providing tenant satisfaction at the least cost possible.

Their high qualified property management staffs handle all types of real estate including office, commercial, industrial, and retail on behalf of either the owner-occupant or the owner-investor. Currently, the company has approximately 15 million square feet under its management, a feature that most companies cannot match.

CAD Drafting

Clients who want floor plans and preparation of construction estimates normally reach out to the Flynn Company. As opposed to some of the industry players who charge customers for CAD drafting, this company does it at no additional cost.

What makes the Flynn Company unique and one of the best in Philadelphia is that it has mastered its service delivery to suit the needs and preferences of its clientele, its staffs are experienced and skilled in all matters real estate and its portfolio of services cover every possible corner of real estate business.

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