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Pizza Brain – The World’s Largest Collection of Pizza Memorabilia

If you have never heard of a pizza culture museum, it is because you have never been to Kensington, Philadelphia. Pizza Brain is a brainchild of Brian Dwyer and Christopher Powel who in May, 2010 organized a pizza-based art show known as Give Pizza Chance. In this show, more than 25 artists displayed their work at a local gallery. It is from the inspiration that these two artists drew from the show that they decided to come up with pizza-related memorabilia and organized a yearly pizza art exhibition.

In January, 2012 Pizza Brain partnered with Little Baby’s Ice Cream and later in August, 2012, the company was profiled by NewsFeed online for what the Guinness Book of World Records referred to as the greatest collection of pizza memorabilia in the entire world.

Museum and Collection

This Philadelphia Company has a wide range of collection from puzzles, toys, magazine ads, comic books, and the like, to absurd collections such as Teenage Mutant Niger Turtles Pizza Drop arcade game that dates to the 1990s.

The display also includes a Spanish poster print of Do the Right Thing Film and a copy of Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls.

In December, 2010, Dwyer met a pizza chef known as Joe Hunter from South Carolina who wanted to open a pizzeria in Philadelphia. The work began in January, 2011 when additional partners Ryan Anderson (a carpenter) and Michael Carter (a businessman) joined Joe and Dwyer.

Joe Hunter started working immediately to develop the unique pie concepts and flavor profiles of Pizza Brain while Carter provided curatorial direction and helped develop Pizza Brain’s business strategic model. Anderson on the other hand applied his carpentry talents and helped come up with the physical space where Pizza Brain would establish its museum through the use of reclaimed and found materials.

What is Interesting with Pizza Brain

The reason why Pizza Brain is one of the coolest businesses in Philadelphia is because they are totally community minded and their approach has the community at heart. Through collaborative efforts, the four managed to exploit their individual skills and experience to turn an ordinary art show into the Pizza Brain museum and restaurant we know it today.

Pizza Brain has become a place that serves delicious artisan-inspired pies in a museum space that totally captures and commemorates pizza not just as food but a cultural icon.

Guinness World Record

The achievements of Pizza Brain didn’t just end with the art show and the coming together of the various professionals to form the museum and the restaurant, rather it went beyond and on July 31, 2011, their efforts were recognized by the Guinness World Records. Dwyer was certified as having the world’s largest collection of pizza-related items. Following the award of the record, Dwyer was awarded another title by as the Phoodie of the Year.

This is indeed a remarkable business whose impact is not just felt within Philadelphia, but the world over.

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